Georgia Luvisi

Georgia-picsGeorgia Luvisi – Horse trainer/ Equiline model

Meet Georgia – a girl who loves horses and believe it or not, loves to train them.

Georgia has experienced life with horses since she was a baby, having been introduced to a new foal every year. Through this she has learnt to respect and trust horses, knowing when to rub and scratch young stock and knowing when to keep them at stick’s length – thus, in turn earning their respect and trust.

Georgia likes to compete in horse shows, but really prefers to train them – using her horsemanship with horses and ponies ranging from 9HH to 17HH.

She likes to teach her equine friends using modern horsemanship techniques such as the 7 games and liberty horsemanship for a strong trusting connection. Georgia’s training kit consists of:

  • 12 foot rope, 22 foot rope and rope halters
  • Several types of dressage whips
  • Bareback pad, Connie Comb’s barrel saddle and a Kieffer dressage saddle
  • A half size and a three quarter size carrot stick.

Georgia loves to train her horses at the beach, but also trains them in a mountainous eucalypt forest, round pens and dressage arena’s.

Stay tuned and learn more about 11 year old Georgia’s horsemanship passion!